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Pre-Foreclosure Properties

If you are a Buyer,you can make a fantastic purchase under market price. I will help you make an offer on a property that the borrower can no longer afford, before it goes to foreclosure.  
Sometimes these pre-foreclosures become a short sale, when the seller owes more than the current market value.  The lender is willing to take an offer rather than letting it go into foreclosure which may cost them more in legal fees. 
I know what their formula is and can guide you as my client.  I need to stress that this type of purchase will not happen unless your agent is qualified to package the deal correctly.  The lender requires a specific format and if not done correctly it becomes one of those horror stories we have all been hearing about. Many times we can negotiate a great price with the Seller in NOD status. but the lender has different take on what to do.
Buyers, call us to set up an appointment for a Free Consultation with No Obligation where we will show you how to save the most money by making an offer before this property goes to Auction and becomes a foreclosure.
WARNING:  If you use just any real estate agent to represent you as a Seller or Buyer of a Short Sale property, the odds are against you in getting the bank to accept an offer. Statistics show that nine out of ten listed short sale properties will NEVER be accepted by the lender and the property will end up in foreclosure after all. The problem often lies with the listing agent not knowing the proper way to package it for the bank to accept it.  If it's not packaged correctly, the lender has their hands tied and simply cannot accept any offer.  The property ends up going into foreclosure and ruins the sellers credit as well as losing them their home. 
During the first half of 2008, agents were listing multiple properties and then calling themselves short sale experts when in fact they never took a course to find out what the procedure was; they were just flying by the seat of their pants.  Those agents were blaming the lender because they weren't "aware" of the proper way to package the deal.  The foreclosure time period kept ticking away, and not only did the home seller lose out, but the lender lost out too, when it became a foreclosure. 
The bank doesn't really want to own the property and pay all the legal costs that go with it.  The time it takes to get it listed again on the market as a bank owned property can sometimes take as long as 18 months and that means the lender is still not earning any interest all the while, but instead incurring even more costs such as taxes and insurance.  These agents were not really helping the home owners with their lack of expertise in how to package the short-sale deal for acceptance, they were hurting the home owner.  Just because an agent has several dozen or even several hundred listings, (and many do) does not mean they are foreclosure experts and certainly doesn't mean they are actually selling them all.  In fact, the statistics have shown that only 1 out of 10 Listings (10%) has been the national average of short-sales sold in comparison to the number of short sales listed for sale. How can this be considered helpful to the already distressed home seller? 

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