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Should I Buy or Rent?

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Rent Information
 Monthly Rent($)
 Monthly Insurance($)
 Annual Rent Increase(%)

Home Purchase
 Home Value($)
 Yearly Taxes($)
 Yearly Maintenance($)
 Yearly Insurance($)

Financial Info
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Estimate Taxes Insurance Maintenance

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Enter estimated Rent, Home Purchase, and Financial Information. This calculator analyzes the total cost to rent versus the total cost to own. To estimate taxes, insurance, and maintenance, select appropriate box. Not all calculated values are displayed. Home appreciation and rent increase values vary by area.

Rent Analysis
Years to Rent: 5
Total Rent and Insurance: $46,550
House Purchase Equivalent: $126,151
Home Analysis
Monthly Mortgage Payment (PI): $719.46
House Appreciation Value: $191,442
Proceeds Minus Costs: $178,041
Loan Balance: $111,665
Equity Appreciation: $36,376
Home Ownership Analysis
Mortgage Payments: $43,168
Taxes and Insurance: $6,250
Maintenance: $3,750
Tax Savings: $3,831
Ownership Investment: $45,586
Rent vs Buy Analysis
Monthly Rent Savings: $0
Total Rent Savings: $0
Home Purchase Benefit: $36,376

A positive/negative Home Purchase Benefit indicates the financial advantage/disadvantage of owning your own home. Various intangible factors can be analyzed in this decision such as relocation possibilities, pride of ownership, improved lifestyle, etc.

Tax Benefits of Buying A Home

 Home Value
 Loan Amount
  Interest Rate
 Loan Term
 Month of Purchase

    Filing Status
          Tax Rate
 State Tax Rate(%)
 Real Estate Taxes
 Medical & Dental
 Gifts & Charity
 Theft & Losses
 Job Expenses

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This calculator estimates the tax benefit of buying a home. Input your loan parameters and the month you purchased the home. Since home interest and points are captured in itemized deductions, please estimate your Schedule A itemized deductions. Your itemized deductions including your mortgage deductions will be compared to your standard deduction to calculate the tax benefit of purchasing your home.

Mortgage Payment: $1,079.19
Loan Points: $2,700.00
Interest Paid: $9,450.00
After Tax Payment: $808.59
Standard Deduction: $7,100.00
Interest & Points: $12,150.00
Real Estate Taxes: $1,800.00
Other Deduction: $1,350.00
Itemized Deductions: $15,300.00
Additional Deductions: $8,200.00
Tax Benefit: $2,706.00

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