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Question: Is Note buying really a brand new idea or has it always been available?
ANSWER: The strategy of selling mortgage notes has changed... Buying One Note at a time is new, however owning mortgage notes is an age old investment strategy that large Insurance companies and hedge funds have always enjoyed. Note buying has proven to be highly lucrative when properly done.

The challenge in the past has been that unless you were a large insurance company spending millions of dollars on a bundle of notes or you were in the business of lending private/hard money, individual notes and solo note buy opportunities were difficult to find. This has all changed due to the distressed banking situation in our nation. Since the sub-prime crash in 2008, followed by a severe credit crunch, banks have been going out of business due to lack of liquidity and non compliant balance sheets, which are highly regulated by the FDIC.

Today the banks are adapting to the strategy of selling their mortgage notes to large investment groups in 100+ bundles of Notes or more at a time. This strategy is helping the banks stay in compliance in order to survive their challenging financial situations caused by our foreclosure market. Today,
REPS and Eagle Eyes Asset Management, Ltd acquires Notes for you DIRECTLY from multiple whare-house sources like these.

Why hasn't the individual Investor been involved in buying notes before now?

ANSWER: Now you can buy just one note at a time!

Due to the challenges the banks were now facing since 2008, mortgage Notes are being made available to individual investors by large investment groups. This has become a great opportunity for investors nationwide as discounted notes can NOW be purchase one at a time instead of batches of 1,000,000 notes at a time. Now is the time to buy Notes.

Eagle Eyes Asset Management, Ltd is focused on this note business model and that focus teamed with many years of investment experience, traditional mortgage banking, private money, real estate services, facilitating loss-mitigation short sales and other duties as a Certified Foreclosure Specialist has created a safe, high yielding investment platform for the individual note buyer.

For the strategy of selling mortgage notes ... one note at a time... contact REPS today.

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