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Why should the cash Investor want to “Be the bank, instead of the landlord?


  • Saves them frustrating calls in the middle of the night when a busted pipe breaks or the roof is leaking. A lanlord must put up with this intrusion or hire a Property Management company that can be expensive and cut into any cash flow they might have had.
  • A note holder is the bank, whereas, the landlord is responsible to do their own maintenance and pay taxes and insurance.
  • If a home borrower wants to rent it out, they can become the landlord while they are still making the note payments to the note investor.  The note investor just collects the monthly payments and is not responsible for maintenance, taxes or insurance.  
  • Most important, the cash Investor is buying the note for 55% - 70% of the current quick sale value.  Since we are rock bottom prices today, this is a safe place to be.
  • The value will most likely go up from here, making the note more valuable in years to come.

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