Self taught since kindergarten. While brothers & sisters watched TV, I sketched my favorite animals & scenes. I start my drawings with oil pastels. I began experimenting with oil paints in my 20's. For my 30th birthday, I signed up for my first art class at a SF college where I learned the correct method of using Watercolors. The Dog Portrait shown here, is my first attempt at Watercolor painting. Later, I learned stained glass works at a local Rec Center. I took a job at a local Print shop where they taught me the "Art of Framing"... an invaluable experience for an Artist. After discovering that I was also pretty good at modeling clay animals, I looked for a class in Bronze Casting for my creations, but since I couldn't afford the SF Art Academy course offered, I settled for a local class at a Rec Center called "Metal Sculpting". At first, I thought I was in the wrong classroom when I saw the display of sterling silver jewelry, but the Teacher assured me it was "Metal Sculpting" using the 'Lost-wax Casting' method and she further assured me that it was very similar to bronze casting only done in miniature. So, I signed up and shortly after became an accomplished Silversmith and a Goldsmith. It started as a hobby, but it paid for itself from my numerous sales during holidays and birthdays. I used Genuine Gems with either solid 14k Gold or solid 925 Sterling Silver. I began a business called "GINGET JEWELRY" in which I made lovely fine jewelry including wedding sets for friends and colleagues at my work place.
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My passion as an Artist to create beautiful things is a major part of my existence. While working a full-time job as a Finance Manager in the Auto industry, I formally launched "Ginger Hopp Designs".

Greater San Francisco Bay Area
~ Created Slogans with Offers to bring-in new customers
~ Designed the Layouts on each ad for full-color printing/mailing
~ Developed Logos for long-term clients
~ Each advertiser enjoyed hundreds of new clients from these creative ads
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GINGE'T JEWELRY - part-time
Greater San Francisco Bay Area
~ Lost-Wax Casting using original designs made as wax molds 1st
~ Workplace Demonstrations to gain new clients. ~ Goldsmith creations of unique 14k Gold & Genuine Stones
~ Silversmith Castings of 925 Sterling Silver & Genuine Stones
"GINGE'T JEWELRY" creations were sold to a select few clients who were found via workplace demonstrations with a minimum of 25-30 employees attending each display. I often made custom settings for anniversaries, birthdays and holidays which gave me many repeat customers and word-of-mouth referrals without ever needing a storefront.
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In 2020, I started an e-Commerce website in order to deal with the COVID stay-at-home order.

My new website includes Fun and loving Gifts for Family and Friends. Many items can be personalized with your loved one's name and some with photos as well. These fun phrases are on items such as Mugs, T-Shirts, Hoodies and endearing Jewelry with poetic phrasing to gift to your loved ones and special friends.


Check back often to view new gifts available. Next you will see them on Amazon, Etsy, eBay & Shopify, along with many of my Giclee on Canvas offerings


Portrait of my Champion Dog

Stallion | Mare | Hillside | The Unicorn | Equine~Dreams | Mountain-Lion | Dog Portrait | Horses~Creek | Realtor Extroardinaire


"ARROW" German-Shorthaired-Pointer - WATERCOLOR

Arrow was my show dog, a purebred German Shorthaired Pointer. Instead of spotted tick marks, the breed description calls it a solid liver color version.

Since this was my first attempt at any watercolor, painted during a class in which the professor insisted we use only black, even though this breed was a gorgeous and rich reddish brown.

Detailed Description


Giclee on Canvas - 20x24" _ $ 344


Giclee on Canvas - 16x20" _ $ 248

Giclee on Canvas - 12x16" _ $ 184

Giclee on Canvas - 11x14" _ $ 155

Antique-Gold / Linen Liner $88

25x29 Finished with Frame _ $ 432
Antique-Gold / Linen Liner $62

21x25" Finished with Frame _ $ 310
Antique-Gold / Linen Liner $51

17x21 Finished with Frame _ $ 235

Antique-Gold / Linen Liner $44

16x19" Finished with Frame _ $ 199


Giclee on Canvas

"Arrow" my German Shorthair Pointer

Giclee on Canvas uses direct shot of original Watercolor painting

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