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Mortgage Forgiveness H.R. 3648

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You’ll be pleased to know that under PROGRAM 3648:

  1. You're assigned a certified program administrator to do all the work for you.
  2. You will receive consultation, and information absolutely FREE.  Guaranteed!
  3. NO Realtor Fees are charged to you when you need a short sale of your current home.  It will cost you nothing and you will not owe taxes on the deficit.
  4. You may also qualify for our "Loan Modification Program" at a very low fee.  The loan Modification programs can lower you payment to make it more affordable so you can keep your home instead of losing it to foreclosure.. 

I am the certified program administrator assigned to do all the work for you.   The team of certified program administrators is currently helping hundreds of homeowners receive the debt forgiveness they need to stop a potential public foreclosure!

Most people facing foreclosure are not aware of the new laws.   I am pleased to inform you that during your Free Consultation, you are entitled to find out how the new law can help Save you from a pending Foreclosure.  You have nothing to lose, so call right away.  Pick up that phone right now.   Program 3648 is a powerful program that you must take advantage of.


As you can imagine, we have limited capacity to help all homeowners.  So those that call right away are usually the only ones that get helped.


I cannot emphasize enough that time is of the essence.

The longer you wait the less likely I can help you!


Call now and I’ll get right to work for you!!



Yours to count on,


Ginger Hopp

Certified Program 3648 Administrator

P.S.   Regarding H.R. 3648, President George W Bush stated:   

“My administration has taken strong steps to help homeowners avoid foreclosure…The provision will increase the incentive for borrowers and lenders to work together…So this bill will create a three-year window for homeowners to…pay no taxes on any debt forgiveness that they receive.”    President George W. Bush


So, if you are behind on your mortgage and want to avoid foreclosure which will save your credit from further damage, I’d like to introduce Program 3648, a nationwide initiative whose mission is to:  1)  Help homeowners receive the morgage debt forgiveness this new law encourages.  2)  Rescue as many homeowners from public foreclosure as possible. 


Provided you go through the proper process, your mortgage company may be willing to completely forgive your mortgage debt.  Furthermore, the portion they forgive, under H.R. 3648, is no longer counted as personal income like it used to be if it is your primary residence (your tax person can advise with any exceptions).

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