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1.  I can teach you how to do your own loan modification for a flat fee $695.
2.  You can hire 'REPS' to submit your package who will follow up and do all the negotiations  with your lender for you for a fee*     *Pricing depends on how many loans you have. 

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What We Do
We negotiate with your lender to repackage the loan so that you can become current again. It will help save your credit. If you are accepted as a client by us, our negotiation staff will apply proven strategies in order to secure a fair and beneficial loan modification from your lender. This could lower the interest rate, the principal balance, and/or extend the termm of the loan resulting inlower payments. We are committed to providing you with a high level of expertise; our mediators are seaoned negotiators.

Typical results can include:

  •  Missed payments are forgiven or added back to the principle.
  • ˇMonthly payments are reduced to your ability to pay.
  • ˇHigh interest rate is reduced to create an affordable payment.
  • ˇAdjustable rate is converted to lower fixed-rate loan.
  • ˇForeclosure process is stopped and lender modifies loan terms to keep you in your home! 
  • If you lost your job and have no future income to make any payments, we can still help you save your credit from a foreclosure by getting the banks persmission to do a Short Sale. When they accept a lower amount than you owe, they will consider it payment in full and it will reflect as paid in full on your credit report.  So, don't just give your property back to the bank by doing nothing.

Call me today, even if you're upside down or behind on your payments. There is hope and I can Assist!

No credit check, 

NO Escrow fees,

No Title fees,

NO Appraisal fees. 


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  • Are you behind on your mortgage?
  • Have you experienced a hardship? 
  • Paycheck half what it used-to-be?
  • Lost your job?   Just starting over?
  • Credit is really poor?  
  • No equity ~ loan is upside down?
  • House won't appraise to refinance? 
  • Did your mortgage adjust and you can no longer afford your payment?
  • Do you want to Stay in your home? 

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Benefits to You . . . 

If Negotiate For You:

  • Stay in your home
  • Erase back payments
  • Reduce interest rate 
  • Reduce your principal
  • Modify you home loan completely


Borrower + Lender + Negotiator

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Placer County CA, Nevada County CA, Sacramento County CA, Marin County CA, Sonoma County CA, Napa County CA, San Francisco Greater Bay Area

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