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Market Conditons for Yuba City

Market Conditions for Yuba City, California
Reported by Ginger Hopp, Realtor/Broker


ZIP Codes: 95991, 95992, 95993, 95901, 95903, 95915, 95918, 95919, 95940, 95965, 95966, 95980, 95953, 95948, 95926, 95927, 95928, 95929, 95973, 95976, 95961.

Approximate Location Boundaries: Yuba City is located in the hub of the North Valley, at the nexus of state highways 20 and 99. Highway 70 is a mile or two away and I-5 is close at hand. Many people working in Sacramento already have taken up residence here because of the short 45-minute commute to the Capital City. Main train lines slice through Yuba City and its twin-cities neighbor Marysville, just over the Feather River. Yuba City and Yuba County both sport aviation facilities for quick air service.

Location Characteristics: Yuba City's Town Center is spread over 26 acres which can accommodate up to 380,000 square feet of office space in a setting next to the retail section of the historic old town. The Town Center is laid out with an eye to attracting the right kind of businesses aimed at the future. YUBA CITY CAN HONESTLY BRAG IT IS A "YES!" TOWN -- Whenever a fledgling entrepreneur or established business plans to locate, relocate or expand to a new site, executives must get the answers to some hard questions before choosing where to place the corporate facility. Logically, with its award-winning Town Center Business District, Yuba City can honestly brag it is a "Yes!" town. It stands to reason that the city that can come back with the most "Yes" answers to the executives' questions is likely to prove the best place to locate.

Ginger's best friend moved to this community in 1991 and then her daughter and grandkids in 2000 moved to Penn Valley, a temperate Sierra Foothills community. Naturally, Ginger began by visiting every other weeekend and finally had to follow and make the Sierra Foothills her permanent home as well. She does know the area and it's trends and is offering her services in all phases of real estate...Selling, Buying and Financing.
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