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1999-2000 TRENDS

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Tele-com Valley - Sonoma County
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ONLINE SALES up 42% despite dot-com woes
Dead and dying dot-coms may litter the business landscape, but the reality is that e-commerce continues to grow. Online sales in February totaled $3.358 billion, up 42 percent from $2.357 billion a year ago, according to the National Retail Federation and Forrester Research Inc.

Some community prices are steeply higher than a year ago, while sales activity has dropped by almost 7-per cent for the year and 10-per cent the 1st quarter of 2001. Other areas that have decreased since January have however increased to higher than the same time 2000. Where once there were multiple offers, now there may be one. This is a crucial time when Sellers need the expertise of a Real Estate Professional who works with the local market every day to keep them informed and keeps them protected with legal requirements. CALL ME, I can help you sell your house and help find your next home.
TELECOM VALLEY veteran, Hawley, sets sights on launching another startup, but declines to elaborate on focus of company. He will tap technical workers from Telecom Valley. The giants of Telecom Valley may be downsizing as the high-tech economy slows, but telecom startups are continuing to pop up in Sonoma County. This is good news for Real Estate prices.
Sources Aug-2001
Although unit sales in Marin have been decreasing for awhile, prices still kept rising. That stopped in May!  After falling by double-digits from February through June, home sales rebounded in July 2001. There were 227 homes sold July 2001 compared to 204 sold July 2000. That  was the largest number of homes sold in any month since August 2000.  August sales for the past two years have been better than July sales. After August, the long slide into the winter doldrums begins with the market bottoming out in January and February. The median home price is at $680,000, while the average home price reached $874,308.
Sources July 3, 2001
Sales of million-dollar homes dropped during the first five months of this year in California, the result of buyer reticence in high-end markets. The decline reverses a five-year increase in sales of prestige homes.  A total of 3,668 California homes were sold for a million dollars or more during the January to May period. That was down 16.3 percent from 4,384 for the same period last year. The decline was steepest in the nine-county Bay Area, down 20.7 percent from 2,044 to 1,621. Santa Clara County alone saw a 38.4 percent decline from 829 to 511. In Southern California sales declined 10.3 percent from 2,029 to 1,821.
For the first time in memory, Honolulu is NOT the highest-priced metro area in the country. Know which area is?   You guessed it: San Francisco!   And Marin is the highest-priced county in the country.    A dubious distinction. 


  • Did you know that a 4 %  unemployment rate is considered "full employment" by many economists? 
  • As a nation we've been doing so well for so long that any blip on the economic radar tends to get noticed.
  • Let's not ignore the whole picture. Most people are doing well and will continue to do well. 
  • When we have a Recession, a recession is not a hideous event.  It's a slow-down, not a depression.

We live in an time of measures, numbers and statistics. For instance, the September 2001 jobless rate, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, reached 4.5 percent, up from 3.9 percent a year earlier. But did you also know that while 7 million people were unemployed, 135.2 million had jobs?  "ONE HUNDRED and THIRTY FIVE .... MILLION"
(National Press Jan. 2002)

National economies move up and down, so recessions are normal -- we had them in 1973, 1980, and 1991. But even with the slowdown caused by 9-11 attacks, we still have a $10 trillion economy. For some buyers delayed purchases make sense, but, the issue is not what other people are doing, it's the question of what's best for you. Consider your needs. 

Builders took out 333 permits in for residential construction in Sonoma County,  almost doubling March 2000, per the Construction Industry Research Board.

The fourth quarter 2000 median price at $470,230. was nearly two percent lower than January 2001, but almost 28 percent higher than the fourth quarter 1999 figure.
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