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HOMES R WE specializes in Foreclosures.  Tired of Losing out on a great Short-Sale home because the agent involved doesn't know what the lender needs? We do a detailed financial analysis of the property for the lender that includes a drilled down actual cost to foreclose versus short-sale. You need a Short-Sale Expert to package the deal correctly and the lender will pay attention and move on it making you both winners before the expense of a foreclosure. Buyers have finally gotten off the fence and are bidding on the properties right now. Don't wait any longer or you will miss the boat. Ask us for a FREE list of Foreclosure Properties... just pick your city.

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If you are a Buyer,you can make a fantastic purchase under market price. I will help you make an offer on a property that the borrower can no longer afford, before it goes to foreclosure.  Sometimes this is may be called a short sale, when the seller owes more than the current market value.  The lender is willing to take an offer rather than letting it go into foreclosure. I know what their formula is and can guide you as my client.  I need to stress that this type of purchase will not happen unless your agent is qualified to package the deal correctly.  The lender requires a specific format and if not done correctly it becomes one of those horror stories we have all been hearing about. Many times we can negotiate a great price with the Seller in NOD status. This is the time the Seller should either allow us to do a Loan Modification or package it for a Short-sale. Buyers, call us to set up an appointment for a Free Consultation with No Obligation where we will show you how to save the most money by making an offer before this property goes to Auction and becomes a foreclosure.
WARNING:  If you use just any real estate agent to represent you as a Seller or Buyer of a Short Sale property, the odds are against you in getting the bank to accept an offer. Statistics show that nine out of ten listed short sale properties will NEVER be accepted by the lender and the property will end up in foreclosure after all. The problem often lies with the listing agent not knowing the proper way to package it for the bank to accept it.  If it's not packaged correctly, the lender has their hands tied and simply cannot accept it.  The property ends up going into foreclosure and ruins the sellers credit as well as losing them their home.  During the first half of 2008, agents were listing multiple properties and then blaming the lender because they weren't "aware" of the proper way to package the deal.  The foreclosure time period kept ticking away, and not only did the home seller lose out, but the lender lost out too, when it became a foreclosure.  The bank doesn't really want to own the property and pay all the legal costs that go with it.  The time it takes to get it listed again on the market and with a new agent means the lender is still not earning any interest, but instead incurring even more costs.  These agents were not really helping the home owners with their lack of expertise in how to package the short-sale deal for acceptance, they were hurting the home owner.  Just because an agent has several dozen or even several hundred listings, (and many do) does not mean they are foreclosure experts and certainly doesn't mean they are actually selling them all.  In fact, the statistics have shown that only 1 out of 10 Listings (10%) has been the national average of short-sales sold in comparison to the number of short sales listed for sale. How can this be considered helpful to the already distressed home seller? 

Understanding the Short Sale

SHORT-SALE means selling price is less than the amount owed.  

This is frustrating to many anxious buyers only because there are so many real estate agents who don't know how to package the deal right for the lender.  The buyers are strung along for many months and then 9 out of 10 listings aren't even sold, simply because the Listing agent doesn't understand what is needed to accomplish the sale.  Many Realtors representing their buyers have become frustrated and now are avoiding even showing these properties to buyers because they were made to wait and see for so many months and months and then nothing happens.   If you wish to pursue a short sale, you need a Short-sale 'Specialist' who is "Certified" and really does know how to accomplish this rather than just throwing some paperwork at the lender and hoping it sticks. 

In a SHORT-SALE, the Seller must pre-qualify for their Hardship by the lender. Several kinds of disasters may qualify them, such as losing their job or being injured or disabled with no way to repay their loan ever.  The Seller is trying to save themselves from going Bankrupt and in that way, preserving their credit, so it is to the Seller's advantage to cooperate in showing the property while they live there and usually are no longer making a payment. In order for the lender to net the most profit, they, too want to avoid foreclosure. If the deal makes sense in my presentation, then your offer will be accepted.  The lender always verifies the value by hiring an independant to do a BPO (Broker Price Opinion)  This BPO will confirm what the market price should be. The BPO only looks at the most recent sold homes within 2-3 months.  Since the Lender is going to take a loss, they must document why they have done so.  If you decide to go for a short-sale, you must have a little bit of patience; it will take a bit longer than a regular purchase.  

Sellers beware!  Distressed home sellers need to choose an agent who has the knowledge to correctly handle the short-sale packaging and then everybody wins.  The new buyer gets the deal without a long drawn out wait and the homeowner just saved their credit so that they can purchase another home when they are back on their feet and the bank saved a lot of legal fees.  I feel really good knowing I can help be a part of the solution in this crazy real estate market that we are in and help distressed homeowners make a wise decision to keep it with a loan mod, or sell it short quickly.  

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Buyers & Investors:  Learn the Process of Buying Foreclosures:


Rule # 1, you need a "Certified Foreclosure Specialist" and Ginger Hopp is a Certified Foreclsoure Specialist... your ticket to a smooth transaction.

NOD means Notice of Default and this property is pre-foreclosure and the Owner may simply be late on their payment and not willing to sell it.  The owner has missed their payments and the amount listed only reflects the amount of payments they need to catch up in order to stop the property from going to Auction 90 days later.  This is a pre-foreclosure and not yet a foreclosure; the owner may still have time to do keep their home.  If you are that distressed borrower reading this, CALL ME RIGHT NOW, so I can help you avoid a foreclosure by saving your home with a loan modification

AUCTION is held before it actually becomes a bank owned property. You will need to give them a Cashier's Check in a sealed envelope with a contract offering and bring it to the Auction steps on the specified sale date.  An AUCTION opening bid amount is typically based on what is owed by the 1st Deed holder.  The 1st deed holder needs Cash... they won't wait for financing.  The holder of the 2nd Deed may try suing the borrower for thier amount owed, but the 2nd Deed holder may lose out completely on this type of sale. At an Auction, when your bid is the accepted bid, will take much less time than an REO or a short-sale.  It's always AS-IS and you usually don't even get a chance to hire and Inspector.  Some people think they can't buy at an Auction without a lot of cash, but if you are creative and pull the cash from an existing property or take out a short-term business loan or even a private-money loan in order to come up with the Cashier's Check, you can pay that back once a new loan is finalized through a bank or other lender. The key here is that first you must buy it and take Title. 

REO stands for "Real Estate Owned", meaning Bank-Owned and usually this property is marketed 10%-25% below current market value. The bank has already done an Appraisal or a BPO when they list this property for sale.  The bank will dictate to the Listing agent what the price shall be and it is strickly sold AS-IS, nothing will be fixed, since the price is based on the current condition of the property. This REO can be financed by the buyer, unlike the Auction property in which you bid with cash. The draw back to buying a bank-owned property is that the bank knows nothing about the property and so, therefore, there are no Disclosures of condition and the Buyer must do their due dilligence and Home Inspections (at buyers cost) until the buyer is satisfied.  As a Realtor, I always recommend a whole house inspection by a Property Inspector.
Buyer's Agent Smoothes Sometimes Bumpy Road to Foreclosure Purchase
By Rick Sharga, Vice President of Marketing for RealtyTrac

Whether it's the first time or the tenth, buying a home can be both an exhilarating and overwhelming experience. As with any major purchase, there's a significant amount of pressure to make the right decisions about such matters as where and what to buy, and ultimately how much to spend. How can you make sure you get the best deal possible on a property that suits your needs, or find exactly the right property to fit your budget and your lifestyle?          full story ...

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