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MY BUYER SERVICE IS FREE*   I give you my word to use all of my detective skills to track down your real estate... Your Dream Property.   I take my profession seriously!  Once I am on the hunt, my energy and tenacity knows no bounds!  My territory is Vast... you tell me the Region you are looking and I will do the hunting for you.

I only have time enough to work with a few clients at a time, thereby giving each client my full attention.  Since there is no charge to you, the buyer, the only requirement I have is for you * to HONOR Your Word, and use only me* as Your Agent... that way I know I will eventually be paid through a successfully closed escrow.  

Ask me anything ... if I don't know,  I will find out !

* to HONOR Your Word, and use only me as your agent * ... otherwise you will be using up my time, without pay, which means I will not receive one nickel until we have a successfully sold property.  Please don't think using several agents will help you, it will not.  I am very knowledgeable in all areas of the real estate field (see Resume) and if I can't help you, nobody can help you.  Pick me because you like my personality and I will be bluntly honest for you.  Be aware that we agents are not paid by the hour, we are only paid through a successfully closed Escrow when the property actually sells. Honor your word, and we will have a life time of mutual respect. Thank you.

This works the same whether I am your Realtor or your Loan Agent or BOTH. I am a Professional Realtor and a Professional Loan Agent; my word is Gold.  If you already have a loan agent, I will be your Realtor and will honor that relationship.  That is what a Professional does.   Likewise, if you already have a Realtor, then I will be your Loan Agent only and I will honor that relationship.  Please be aware that we agents are never paid by the hour, we are only paid once a sale is completed with a successfully closed Escrow (when Title passes to your name) or the loan is actually funded (when you get the money).  That is our payday, even if it takes us several months which may happen with all these foreclosures and short-sales going on. 

* No fee to the Buyer when you purchase a property listed with any MLS service, the Buyer's Agent is paid by the Seller as a Cooperating agent. . For Sale by owner properties may have a fee paid by the Buyer; it all depends on the Seller's disposition.

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GINGER  HOPP     BROKER CFS #01240587          Realtor Since 1998


Specialty Counties:
Placer County CA, Nevada County CA, Sacramento County CA, Marin County CA, Sonoma County CA, Napa County CA, San Francisco Greater Bay Area

  (707) 790-0022
.  "Certified Foreclosure Specialist"  
   Specializing in NOTES @ 70% of current market value

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