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Networking Online brings you more JOY
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Libby Siskron is the mother of 5
Libby has been married to Dr. Siskron for 35 years now and together they have 5 children. 
Their oldest son is also a doctor, F. Thomas Siskron IV, M.D.  Another son, Trent is in Commercial Real Estate and loves his job.  Thier daughter, Jennifer graduated from high school with honors; many write-up of her online.  

Ginger was bragging on one of her web-pages and named her family ancestry in hopes of finding unknown relatives or at least neighbors that knew them.  It worked!

Meet The San Francisco Siskron's
family resemblence !

F. Thomas Siskron III, M.D.

PERSERVERENCE from Dr. Siskron, 1st Cousin, finally connects him with his lost relatives!  Their Great Grandfathers were brothers... Meet The San Francisco Siskron's
Shreveport, Lousisiana Cousins find their long lost Cousins in San Francisco by using the Internet... Dr. Siskron knew they existed, but didn't know where; the San Francisco Siskron's never knew about the Shreveport Siskron's.  Good thing, Ginger decided to brag about her family heritage; "Siskron" became a searchable key word, and the Cousins were united after more than sixty years of silence.
Dr. Siskron ~~ 1st Cousin ~ born December 3rd 1944
Now that's Really PERSISTENCE...
San Francisco Siskron Cousins were found online by their Shreveport Cousin, Dr. Siskron.  Dr. Siskron sat down at the computer every two months and clicked onto google with the name "SISKRON", hoping to someday find his lost Cousins again. He had been doing this for several years.  In 2001, Ginger Hopp posted here website and decided to dedicate an entire page to her Ancestory, hoping a lost relative or even a friend of a relative would contact her.
Within a few weeks of putting this website live, Dr. Siskron sent a message via the input boxes requesting contact.  How exciting that was to be discovered by a family member you didn't even know existed.  Wow, what a wonderful way to meet.  The San Francisco Siskron's didn't even know they had yet more Cousins... in Louisianna. 
A long time ago, they were a very close-knit family from South Carolina; their Great Grandfather's were brothers and had gone their separate ways.  One brother landed in the state of Louisianna while the other brother settled in NEVADA for a few decades and then later relocated in Santa Rosa, California with his brothers.   
Charles William Siskron had raised his family in Humbolt County in the state of NEVADA.  He settled in a small town where he was loved and respected.  The town was called "SISKRON".  When Charles Siskron took the position of County Sheriff in Carson City, he relocated his family completely only leaving behind his name.  The town of "SISKRON" was later renamed to "Paradise Valley", where you can still find a plaque in his honor at the Olde Post Office Square.  

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