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MY BUYER SERVICE IS FREE*   I give you my word to use all of my detective skills to track down your real estate... Your Dream Property.   I take my profession seriously!  Once I am on the hunt, my energy and tenacity knows no bounds!  My territory is Vast... you tell me the Region you are looking and I will do the hunting for you.

I only have time enough to work with a few clients at a time, thereby giving each client my full attention.  Since this hunts consumes so much of my time, the only requirement I have is for you * to HONOR Your Word, and use only me* as Your Agent... that way I know I will eventually be paid through our successfully closed escrow.  

Ask me anything ... if I don't know,  I will find out !

* to HONOR Your Word, and use only me as your agent * ... otherwise you will be using up my time, without pay, which means I will not receive one nickel until we have a successfully sold property.  Please don't think using several agents will help you, it will not.  I am very knowledgeable in all areas of the real estate field (see Resume) and if I can't help you, nobody can help you.  Pick me because you like my personality and I will be bluntly honest for you.  Be aware that we agents are not paid by the hour, we are only paid through a successfully closed Escrow when the property actually sells. Honor your word, and we will have a life time of mutual respect. I am a Professional Realtor since 1998, plus a former Loan Agent.

Hopp for Action ... ... then, start packing !
                     Expect Extroadinary Service!
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GINGER  HOPP     BROKER CFS #01240587          Realtor Since 1998


Specialty Counties:
Placer County CA, Nevada County CA, Sacramento County CA, Marin County CA, Sonoma County CA, Napa County CA, San Francisco Greater Bay Area

  (707) 790-0022
.  "Certified Foreclosure Specialist"  
   Specializing in NOTES @ 70% of current market value

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