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A Short Sales is less descructive to your Credit File

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NOTE: You will NOT PAY any realty fees, ZERO COST to you as a distressed home seller, when you owe more than the house is worth.

Through a special arrangement with cooperating lenders, the usual seller's Listing fees will be paid for you when you use a "Certified Foreclosure Specialist" (such as me, Ginger Hopp) to complete the necessary banks paperwork on your behalf. When the property is SOLD, the bank will pay a flat fee for my services. I have many years experience as the Administrative Facilitator for Short Sale properties. It costs you nothing, yet the bank prefers to work with a Certified Agent like myself in order to submit all the necessary paperwork required by Loss-Mitigation division of your bank. This is very important to the distressed home seller and it is your right to request my services. If you have not yet listed your property for sale, call me immediately and you can contract my services with your bank's blessing. Time is of essence. When you list your property for sale with Ginger Hopp, your property will be seen in a minimum of 21 counties with over 1 million comparables and by over 65,000 agents throughout (7) seven California MLS's. 

It is important for you to know that I am never too busy for your referrals. 

It doesn't matter which state you live in... I have colleagues in every state to market your property with me, just contact me today in order to help yourself.

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There is NO REASON to give your home back to the bank unless it is on YOUR TERMS!

Dear Homeowner,

My name is Ginger Hopp and I am a Certified Foreclosure Specialist dedicated to assisting property owners that may be facing foreclosure due to their loan payment being too high. I have a VERY HIGH SUCCESS RATE in working out solutions with your bank to help you MODIFY YOUR EXISTING MORTGAGE, to a lower monthly payment. 

I will work on your behalf to re-structure your mortgage with your current bank, if your goal is to keep your home there is a very high probability that I will be able to negotiate with the bank and STOP foreclosure.  There is a flat fee for my services, but you will be able to stay in your home and avoid foreclosure; it is well worth my fee.

I implore you to contact me TODAY via email or phone for a FREE "Professional, Confidential and Courteous Consultation".  I will explain your rights, detail your options and provide you with solutions.

When you cannot afford even a reduced payment amount, there is another solution to help you. 

When you have a hardship such as reduced income, and you need to downsize in order to afford a lower payment, your best option is to sell your house quickly.  Many distressed borrowers think they cannot sell their home, because they cannot pay off the loan and pay the Listing Realtor fees. When you have NO EQUITY in your home, I will not charge you any fees,  yet I will negotiate with your bank to prove your Hardship in order to have them accept less money than is owed on your mortgage(s). A hardship can be many different reasons that are allowed, we will discuss yours in your private Consulation. This type of sale is called a short sale and can help you avoid foreclosure.  The short sale helps the bank save costs of foreclosure while it helps the distressed borrower protect their credit from further damage.  Allowing a foreclosure is a lot worse than a Bankruptcy on your credit file.  A Short Sale will preclude a foreclosure from being put on your credit report for 10 years.  In your case, a short sale is a good thing. 

After I do sell your home, and you would like to purchase another home soon afterwards, I have options!  By no means will you be limited to becoming a renter! 

I want to be a part of your solution, but the longer you wait to find out your rights and your options, the more difficult it will be to negotiate with your bank. Pick up the phone this minute and call my 24-hour hotline (707) 790-0022.

All my best,

Ginger Hopp, 
Certified Foreclosure Specialist


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