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Note buying is not a new arena; but until the mortgage crisis took place, note investing was largely an insider game restricted to Wall Street firms with the financial wherewithal to purchase huge pools of loans. Most people never had the opportunity to purchase an individual promissory note until the mortgage crisis took place.  more...  Notes are where the smart hedge fund managers are investing... and you can too when you Team up with REPS!
Our Philosophy
Since many Investors are tired of earning a pitifully small return on CD's or they are worried about investing in the volatile stock market, we now have a business model where an Investor may purchase an individual Note.  There are two types of Notes. A performing note is held for a Cash Flow average of 15% return. The interest range is from a low of 8% and up to 22% annual return-on-investment (ROI). Replace your stocks and bonds with an average 15% ROI and become the bank, instead of a landlord. You are buying at 55% of current market prices.  

The Investor that is interested in the higher profits of non-performing notes will be growing their Capitol in a Joint Venture with Eagle Eyes Asset Management, Ltd for the highest possible Cash-to-Value, earning in excess of 20%.

You now have a knowledgeable Partner that you can Joint Venture with you to take advantage of this window of opportunity.  We don't know how long this window will stay open (a few more years at minimum). The timing is right now to invest in Notes.

  • 1st Mortgage Note Buying
  • Note Evaluation prior to purchase 
  • Average of 55% Cash-to-Value Negotiations 
  • Mortgage Servicing by 3rd Party

HISTORY:    Real Estate Processing Services LLC

REPS was well known amongst local Realtors as their Facilitator in packaging Short Sales, including completeing the seller's financials and re-writing the Hardship letters and then negotiating their short sale offers with the lender's loss-mitigation negotiator.  REPS was hired repeatedly by referral to Package these Short Sales correctly which resulted in the bank's Approval with a success rate of 99% for REPS.

SERVICES FROM 2006 to 2011:
  • Loan Modifications
  • Short Sale Listings
  • Mortgage Note Reductions
  • Facilitator for Short Sales of other Brokers

Originally, REPS began helping distressed home owners stay in their homes; REPS was a company devoted to negotiating with the Lenders of distressed borrowers in order to help those home owners save their homes. REPS facilitated loan modification packages and then negotiated with that investor's Servicing Company in order to achieve some relief for these distressed borrowers. REPS was instrumental in negotiating with Loss-Mitigation for other Options such as a loan Forbearance or Deed-in-lieu when the distressed borrower did not qualify for a modification.  Their last resort was a Short Sale and the distressed borrower was able to stay in their home in exchange for their cooperation with the bank during this short sale process.

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RIGHT NOW you have the chance to buy notes at prices that in the past were only available to large investment banking firms.  more... We feel this opportunity will be available and affordable up to the next 18 months. Banks are sitting on a mountain of defaulted mortgages and they want them off their books--at any cost. They are being sold off to clearing houses in bundles of performing and non-performing notes at tremendous discounts in order for the banks to stay in business. This is a rare opportunity; the time is now. Notes are where smart hedge fund managers invest... you can too when you Team up with REPS and Eagle Eyes Asset Management!


We align our investors with constant streams of notes to choose from.  Our concentration is on residential note transactions where the deepest discounts are currently.  REPS buys the note directly from the note warehouse at steep discounts for you as our  investor.   You put the 'Performing Note' directly into your portfolio for an average 14% return on investment -or- Joint Venture with Eagle Eyes Asset Management, Ltd to flip a non-performing Note for even higher returns on your investment.   

Smart hedge fund managers invest in 1st position mortgage Notes, now you can too when you Team up with Eagle Eyes Asset Management LTD and R.E.P.S. Allow our Real Estate experience to lead you into a secure and high yielding investment strategy. Call today... the timing is now!