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photo from 1923 at Age 22

Ginger has many family memebers with a CA Real Estate License... a sister in Folsom, brother in Belmont, brother in Santa Rosa, cousin in Petaluma, and her daughter in Auburn. Ginger's Broker license covers all of CA, but she specializes in Sacramento & Grass Valley and also Marin and Sonoma County... Ginger knows all of these areas like the back of her hand.  Her family members cover Northern CA's most desirable areas, so when you want an Expert Broker who is family oriented, just give Ginger a call and she will team up with one of her relatives to give you personalized service... you will become "one of the family".    

Scottish Ancestors
settled in Sonoma County
in the early 1800's
A real beauty... the mother of Ginger's father, (photo at right) Grandma Alberta Mabel MCOWN grew up on a farm in Santa Rosa when it was a quaint town.  Two of her Uncle's were house painters.  Alberta's Great Grandfather, Albert MCOWN, was  born in 1861 in Bodega Bay and later married Nancy Edith McCAUGHEY.  Ginger's Great Aunt Ruth McCaughey is still living in Bodega near Salmon Creek, she is 87 years old.  Ruth's parents were  McCAUGHEY & TIBBETS from Sebastopol.  Their parents, McCAUGHEY & FAULKNER,  are descendants of Ginger's 1st Cousins from PetalumaTENNYSON.   Have you heard of Tennyson Road?
Albert MCOWN"s parents in Sebastopol, were Harvey MCOWN b.1821 and Martha ASHLEY b.1827.   Farther back,  Mary McCALLISTER b.1796 and Francis MCOWN b.1781, enjoyed living in rural Sebastopol and beautiful Bodega Bay  Francis's parents go way back to Elinor MOSS b.1760 and Malcom MCOWN  b.1745.  These GREAT-GREAT-GREAT-GREAT Scottish Grandparents of Ginger journeyed West from Virginia and settled in Stunning Sonoma.

Romanians immigrated...
San Francisco and the South Bay Area ~  Cousins Galore!
Coming to the U.S. in 1930 by way of North Carolina, Ginger's Grandmother along with dozens of her relatives made the U.S. their new homeland. The two Chizik born sisters (Sloova & Shava) decided to make San Francisco their new home; they were to be Ginger's Grandmother Sloova and her Great Aunt Shava. Her Grandma Sarah(Sloova) traveled with her husband & four daughters, Sophie, Hannah, Helen &  Shirley.  The youngest, Shirley, being Ginger's mother. Ginger is one of 15 children and her Aunt Helen had 10 children... all living in San Francisco Bay Area. That makes 25 Cousins just with these two sisters... what a tribe!  The cousin's sir name is *LANDAU*. One other Chizik cousin is currently living in Sausalito, also a Realtor. Ginger's Aunt Sophie lives in New York. Her Aunt Hannah had a daughter, Helen Backer whose children are currently in Florida near Ft. Lauderdale, Faye & Bob Laganga. 

Irish Ancestors in Marin

The SISKRON"s originally came to the U.S. from Belfast, Ireland in the late 1600's.  They entered port in South Carolina and some of the family ended up in Florida.  Both communities have streets named "SISKRON ST" in the business district.  Two of the brothers had a quarrel and one settled in Louisianna while the other settled in Nevada State and later relocated to Santa Rosa, CA.  In 2001, the Louisianna Siskron's were re-united with the San Francisco Siskron's from this very page.  I love this internet! 
Aida SISKRON spent her final days in San Anselmo and was Ginger's Great-Great Grandmother, her father's Grandmother.  Ada had married Charles A. SISKRON while living in Nevada State and was the mother of Harry William SISKRON  (Ginger's Grandpa) who later married Alberta Mabel MCOWN, (pictured above).  Several of the  SISKRON"s  lived in Santa Rosa and worked as House Painters throughout Sonoma County. I learned in 2009 via Facebook, that I have Cousins from those Santa Rosa borthers who later moved to Las Vegas and their families are still there working as Realtors.  Another SISKRON Sister kept a Candy Store in San Francisco.
Ginger bought her first home in San Rafael in 1969 and made Marin County her home.  Ginger's daughter was born at Marin General Hospital and was raised in San Rafael.  She was a cheerleader at the Terra Linda High School and very popular and well loved. Her daughter is curently in the home loan industry working directly for the banks.
In Marin County, three (3) of Ginger's younger sisters were raised in Novato, and so Ginger began her Real Estate Career there in order to discover what it was like for them.  Novato is a good wonderful small town while it is a pivotal point to both Sonoma County properties and Marin County properties.  It's also just as close to wine country properties in Napa, Solano and Mendocino Counties. In 2005, Ginger relocated to Grass Valley to be close to her Grandkids... family is too wonderful to miss out on any of it, especially when you become a Grandma.  I am now called Grandma Ginger, but I still look younger than most other Grandma. <smile> 
Cousins Never Met  ...
They find each other from this webpage. 
F.Thomas Siskron, III, M.D. is a cousin to Ginger Hopp and lives in Shreveport, Louisianna.  Tom & Libby Siskron plus their five (5) children are a welcome additon to the already huge family of the San Francisco Siskron's    more....

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