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Cash Investors have been buying up homes for sale.
They are becoming the landlord... and waiting for the market to recover before flipping them.

Why should they buy Notes instead?
Can they be flipped for profit immediately?

Performing Notes:


o      Real Estate Processing Services, LLC (REPS) analyzes all notes extensively prior to purchase, in order to establish realistic time frames to possession and re-sale close of escrow (COE)


o      The fee earned for acquiring a Performing note is 6% of the note price and payable directly to Real Estate Processing Services, LLC on the date of the note acuisition. (note purchase date)


o      Real Estate Processing Services, LLC sets up a 3rd Party Servicing company to collect the monthly payments from the borrower and direct deposit to the Note Buyers account for a average fee of $35. per month.




Performing Note Scenario (or re-performing):


  • You might purchase a promissory note with an unpaid balance of $144k 
  • While the property (SFR) may have a current distressed value of $l00k
  • But you might buy the note for $55,000 (55% LTV of the current market)
  • All Performing Notes purchased by our investors are directly assigned to the investor (you).
  • As the Note Buyer, you are the lender and become like the bank, in a sense. 


    • The payment is based on the unpaid balance of $144,000.
    • You could receive principle and interest payments of approximately $761.00 per month    (varies by interest rate on promissory note)
    • $761 x 12 months is an annual yield return of approximately 16.6%
    • Current Market Value of Asset = $100k, but you paid $55k for the Note
    • IF it ever became a non-performing Note (no worries) we can just sell the property for an additional profit (see below) and then buy another Note for your portfolio to replace it. 
    • A 1st position Mortgage Note is a Secured Asset of Real Estate property.



    NON-performing Notes:


    o      Eagle Eyes Asset Management, Ltd  forms a Joint-Venture with the Note Buyer(s) and will handle all the details for the cash Investor, including any legal matters.


    o      Real Estate Processing Services, LLC (REPS) analyzes all notes extensively prior to purchase, in order to establish realistic time frames to possession and re-sale close of escrow (COE)


    o      The fee earned for acquiring the Non-performing note is 5% of the note price and payable directy to Real Estate Processing Services, LLC on the date of the note acquisition.



  • Since the note is non-performing, Eagle Eyes Asset Management, Ltd. continues forward with foreclosure, taking the property and re-selling it.

  • The borrower may be approached by Eagle Eyes Asset Management, Ltd to enlist their cooperation in securing the property.

  • We align our customers with National Servicing Companies to assist with all legal procedures. Foreclosure duties are coordinated by EEAM.

  • Eagle Eyes Asset Management, Ltd arranges the Listing and sale with a local Real Estate Brokerage and oversees the entire process every step of the way.

  • Once the property is sold and title transfers to the new Buyer through Escrow, the Investor earns an average ROI (return-on-investment) of 20 -30% or more after all expenses are deducted

  • Non-performing Note return’s are typically achieved in 4-6 months and may achieve up to 100% plus annual returns when profits are re-invested repeatedly.
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    Smart hedge fund managers invest in 1st position mortgage Notes;
    you can too... when you Team up with Eagle Eyes Asset Management LTD  

    BUY NOTES @ average of 75% of current market

    Allow our Real Estate experience to lead you into a secure and high yielding
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