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ONE NOTE AT A TIME ... or an entire pool of notes
1st Deed Mortgage Notes only   ... these are NOT 2nd position notes.

Stock Market Investing                     versus                  1st Trust Deed Investing
* Collateral is Unsecured * Secured by Recorded Deed of Trust
* Collateral is Uninsured * Collateral is Fully Insurable
* Returns are Unknown * Returns are Fixed by Note Contract
* “Paper” Serves as Collateral * Tangible Asset Serves as Collateral

Contact us today for your private Consultation to learn how you can Team-up with REPS and Eagle Eyes Asset Management, Ltd. to discover the 'Secrets' of Discounted Bank Notes.

During your Consultation, we will discuss:

  • The Principles of Note Buying
  • Easy Steps to making money with notes
  • How we use exit strategy models 
  • and more...


This is where the smart hedge fund managers are investing and you can, too, when you Team up with REPS!
  EAGLE EYES ASSET MANAGEMENT, LTD         with                                                    
                                                                                                          11am -8 pm  PST
 Real Estate Property Services, LLC         dba 'REPS'                                          
 GINGER HOPP * POB 674, PENN VALLEY CA 95946                    (707) 790-0022

Smart hedge fund managers invest in 1st position mortgage Notes;
you can too... when you Team up with Eagle Eyes Asset Management LTD  

BUY NOTES @ average of 75% of current market

Allow our Real Estate experience to lead you into a secure and high yielding
investment strategy. Call today; the timing is now!