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ONE NOTE AT A TIME ... or an entire pool of notes
1st Deed Mortgage Notes only   ... these are NOT 2nd position notes.

Stock Market Investing                     versus                  1st Trust Deed Investing
* Collateral is Unsecured * Secured by Recorded Deed of Trust
* Collateral is Uninsured * Collateral is Fully Insurable
* Returns are Unknown * Returns are Fixed by Note Contract
* “Paper” Serves as Collateral * Tangible Asset Serves as Collateral

Contact us today for your private Consultation to learn how you can Team-up with REPS and Eagle Eyes Asset Management, Ltd. to discover the 'Secrets' of Discounted Bank Notes.

During your Consultation, we will discuss:

  • The Principles of Note Buying
  • Easy Steps to making money with notes
  • How we use exit strategy models 
  • and more...


This is where the smart hedge fund managers are investing and you can, too, when you Team up with REPS!

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RIGHT NOW you have the chance to buy notes at prices that in the past were only available to large investment banking firms.  more... We feel this opportunity will be available and affordable up to the next 18 months. Banks are sitting on a mountain of defaulted mortgages and they want them off their books--at any cost. They are being sold off to clearing houses in bundles of performing and non-performing notes at tremendous discounts in order for the banks to stay in business. This is a rare opportunity; the time is now. Notes are where smart hedge fund managers invest... you can too when you Team up with REPS and Eagle Eyes Asset Management!


We align our investors with constant streams of notes to choose from.  Our concentration is on residential note transactions where the deepest discounts are currently.  REPS buys the note directly from the note warehouse at steep discounts for you as our  investor.   You put the 'Performing Note' directly into your portfolio for an average 14% return on investment -or- Joint Venture with Eagle Eyes Asset Management, Ltd to flip a non-performing Note for even higher returns on your investment.   

Smart hedge fund managers invest in 1st position mortgage Notes, now you can too when you Team up with Eagle Eyes Asset Management LTD and R.E.P.S. Allow our Real Estate experience to lead you into a secure and high yielding investment strategy. Call today... the timing is now!