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Lots of Cash Investors are buying up properties for sale.     

then, become the landlord and later flip property for profit.


Question:    Why aren’t Cash Investors buying Notes at 55% or less of the current value instead?

Question:    Is this really a brand new idea or has it always been available?

Question:    Why hasn’t the individual Investor been involved in buying notes before now?

Question:    How does it all work?

Question:    Why would the cash Investor want to “Be the bank, instead of the landlord”?

Question:    Is it OK to just flip the property for a quick profit when it's already in foreclosure?

Question:    If the borrower stops paying on a Performing Note, do I lose everything?

Question:    Worst case: What if borrower stays in house without payment  and absolutely refusing to cooperate with any offers made?

Question:    What happens if the home borrower tries to file Bankruptcy in order to stay in the home?

Question:     Can you explain step-by-step how Performing Notes work versus how a NON-performing note works?


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