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R.E.P.S.  is a full service Note Buying Service

Ginger Hopp is an expert at property valuation, loss-mitigation services and the real estate sales business. Her strength with numbers and her attention to detail, coupled with years of hands-on transactional experience makes her especially skilled at evaluating note scenarios and finding secured note assets for the individual cash Investoer. It doesn't matter if you want to buy only one note at a time or a tape of notes for even deeper discounts. Ginger Hopp has a direct contact with the note warehouses available in today's foreclosure market and will Joint-Venture with the buyer of 'non-performing notes' to flip them for excellent returns.

Ginger Hopp, CEO & Broker
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Strong background  in Finance & Sales for 35 years across  different fields & been a  licensed Realtor since 1998.
Ms. Hopp has a prestigious designation of CFS as a "Certified Foreclosure Specialist". These qualifications are important to perform the due diligence required in buying notes. She is trained to work the Loss-mitigation strategies and speak to any BK Attorneys when necessary. She is competent in Financial Asset Valuation.
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