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PERFORMING NOTES:     8%-22%  Annual Yields
Much higher than any CD annual yields

You need cash to purchase a Note; and that cash is wired directly for the acquisition of the Note. Once the wire is received, the Note is put directly into the Note Buyer’s name within minutes and you are considered the new LENDER of record.  On the same date that you acquire this note, REPS will arrange for a servicing company to collect your monthly payments and deposit those funds directly into the account of your choice. The monthly charge for this service is usually $35. per month.


Getting Started:

_ A Note Buyer must have accessible cash to purchase a Note.

_ Proof of Funds is required, usually a Bank statement showing that the funds are liquid.

_ The purpose of the Proof of Funds is so that after all the work performed in choosing the best Note(s) for you including any due diligence, we are guaranteed in writing that the Note Buyer is ready to act immediately by wiring funds directly for the acquisition of the note.

_ The Note Buyer is actually pre-approved prior to ordering a list of notes available.

In this scenario the borrower makes payments on time.
Add this Note to your Portfolio for passive income. As the Investor, you become just like a bank.  With a Loan Servicing Company, we will arrange to collect the mortgage payments for you for about $35.00 per month; just like a bank does. 
You keep 100% of the payments and we earn an Asset Management Fee upfront as a percentage of the Note purchase price.  This fee is completely tax deductible and includes any research performed including other due diligence tasks associated with obtaining the Note for you. The monthly payment is yours entirely. 
Being 'like the bank' is much better than being a landlord; you simply collect the payments and don't worry about the maintenance. Have you ever heard of a homeowner (borrower) calling the bank when there is a plumbing issue?  No, they just simply fix it themselves. You just relax and collect the monthly payment; you are 'The Investor' of the Note. 
Since we only work with 1st Deed Mortgage Notes, the real estate is the collateral for the Note.  If the borrower stops paying and the Note becomes a non-performing note, you are still in a very safe postion. We have several exit-strategies that may quickly solve the problem ...(more... click here)
Cash Flow ~  Passive Income
Earn 16%
(average average annual yeilds)
_1st Mtg Note Buying only
_ Note Evaluation prior to buy
_ 55%-70% Cash-to-Value Negotiations
_ Acquisiton price based on Annual Yield 
_ Mortgage Servicing (3rd Pary)
_ Comparative Market Analysis 
_ Due Diligence Services performed
 _  Note Search & Negotiations
_ Title Fees and/or Transfer Fees
_ Due Diligence ... other
_ Note Analysis on spreadsheet
_ Analyze Statistics of Area
_ Comparative Market Analysis
_ Analyze Chain of Title
_ Analyze Tax Records
Performing  (recieving payments)
- PL - 16% Average Annual Yields

Re-performing  (receive modified payment)
- RPL - 15%  to 22% Average Annual Yields

Non-performing   (foreclosure has begun)
- 20%  to 40% + + Average Return-on-Investment

These Performing Notes are secured by the real estate with a borrower in place long before we decide we want to acquire that Note. The note may have originated with BoA or WF and then it may have been sold off in a secondary market where we will acquire the Note from.  The borrower on the promissory note is home owner with their legal “bundle of rights” which may include the right to tax write-offs as a property owner.  Since the borrower (legal home owner) continues to make their payments timely, these Notes are then referred to as “Performing Notes”  because the borrower is performing with their monthly payments in a timely fashion.  The note owner (The Investor) is referred to as the Lender or the Bank.
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Smart hedge fund managers invest in 1st position mortgage Notes;
you can too... when you Team up with Eagle Eyes Asset Management LTD  

BUY NOTES @ average of 75% of current market

Allow our Real Estate experience to lead you into a secure and high yielding
investment strategy. Call today; the timing is now!