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Example Scenario:
  • You might purchase a promissory note with an unpaid balance of $144k 
  • While the property (SFR) may have a current distressed value of $l00k
  • But you may buy the note for $55,000 (55%LTV of the current market)
  • Our investors can buy as little as one note or as many as they would like
  • We align our investors with constant streams of notes to choose from.
  • All promissory notes purchased by our investors are directly assigned to the investor (you).
  • As the Note Buyer, you own the Note and become like the bank, in a sense.

"Secret" note investment stategy:

Performing Note Scenario (or re-performing):

  • You could receive principle and interest payments of approximately $761.00 per month


  • Remember the payment is based on the unpaid balance of $144,000.


  • $761 payment would create an annual yield return for you of approximately 16.6%
  • We align you with a national servicing company to collect the payments for you.
  • This type of note added to your portfolio would create  a nice long term cash flow.  
  • Current Value=$100k, you paid $55k for the Note;  this is a good cash flow position.
  • IF it ever became a non-performing Note (no worries) we can just sell the property for an additional profit (see below) and then buy another Note for your portfolio to replace it. 
  • A 1st position Mortgage Note is a Secured Asset.

Non-Performing Note Scenario: 

  • We analyze all notes prior to purchase with an 'Eagle Eye'.
  • We establish realistic time frames to possession, re-sale and close of escrow.
  • Non-performing return’s are typically achieved in 3-6 months
  • A typical net return of up to 30% can be realized after all expenses deducted.
  • Average Retun-on-Ivestment is 20% ++  (rare scenarios have been 60%-90%)
  • Note Buyer forms a Joint Venture with Eagle Eyes Asset Management, Ltd (EEAM) to Facilitate the sale of the property.
  • EEAM continues forward with foreclosure, taking  possesion of the property for  re-sale.  
  • EEAM takes care of due diligence required and the sale process including hiring a Listing agent when property is located in another Community. 
  • EEAM aligns it's clients with Natl Servicing companies to assist with many legal procedures.  Foreclosure duties are coordinated by EEAM. 
  • Price is negotiated for quickest and highest profit.
  • Once Escrow is closed, we can buy our next Note and repeat the process for more Capital Growth.  
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Smart hedge fund managers invest in 1st position mortgage Notes;
you can too... when you Team up with Eagle Eyes Asset Management LTD  

BUY NOTES @ average of 55% of current market

Allow our Real Estate experience to lead you into a secure and high yielding
investment strategy. Call today; the timing is now!