Borrower files bankruptcy, now what?

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Borrower Files Bankruptcy...  now what?


What happens if the home borrower tries to file Bankruptcy in order to stay in the home?



That might work out fine since the Court collects their monthly payments in a Chapter 13 BK and pays the note holder directly.


1.       The note owner will not be earning as high of a return through BK, but he is still earning a decent return because he only paid 55% of value.


2.       The note holder has a choice to keep the note with the lower return or it can be re-sold to another note buyer. 


3.       The new note buyer may like the fact that the Court is collecting the payments for him.


4.       If they file a Chapter 7 or Chapter 11, JUST TO STALL MOVING OUT... then, we will align ourselves with a 3rd Party legal service to get them out.    It could cause a 45-day delay in CA, but each State is different, so you will need REPS to guide you with choosing your Note from a vacant property versus an occupied property.

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