Q: Can you show me an Example of how it works?

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Question:    How does it all work?


Due to the challenges the bank’s are now facing, mortgage Notes are being made available to individual investors by large investment groups. This has become a great opportunity for investors nationwide as discounted notes can be purchase one at a time instead of batches of 1,000,000 notes at a time.  Now is the time to buy Notes.


Eagle Eyes Asset Management, Ltd is focused on this note business model and that focus teamed with many years of investment experience, traditional mortgage banking, private money, real estate services, facilitating loss-mitigation short sales and other duties as a Certified Foreclosure Specialist has created a safe, high yielding investment platform for the individual note buyer.  


Question:          How does it all work?


Answer:             Typical note investments and strategies: (example scenario)


          You purchase a promissory note with an unpaid balance (amount owed) of 140K

          The property (SFR home) would have a current distressed (REO) value of $1OOK  (30-day quick sale value)

          You can buy the note for 55K (55%LTV) or less   ($55,000 or less)

          If the note is performing or re-performing you would most likely be receiving principle and interest payments monthly of about $761.00 per month

                   That payment would create a yield return for you of approximately 16.6% annually

                   The payments are collected for you through a 3rd Party Servicing company (set up by REPS)

                   No escrow nor title insurance is necessary in the note purchase, saving you closing costs.

                   Performing promissory notes purchased by our investors are directly assigned to the investor. You become the current owner of the note and in a sense become the bank. 

                   Cash Investor’s name goes directly on the Performing Note and all payments are paid directly to the investor via a servicing company


Eagle Eyes Asset Management, Ltd (EEAM) is your direct link to the large investment groups and is involved in residential note transactions for performing (monthly cash flow), re-performing (monthly cash flow) and non-performing (rapid high yielding ROI’s). Due to the deep discounts available we have found this investment platform potential highly lucrative and a safe, high yielding investment platform.

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